Contract Negotiation

We have a wealth of experience negotiating contracts. We will use our knowledge and expertise to implement strategies and take appropriate steps to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. If necessary our team of lawyers and accountants will review contracts before they are signed. 



General Management

We believe that managing a professional athlete is a cross functional responsibility. We can offer support with everyday activities with organisation and strategy, which can benefit a clients career on and off the pitch.




Financial Advice

We recruit the services of only the best UK Wealth Management companies to advise our clients. Winners of the magic circle Award for financial advisors of the year.




We work in conjunction with major brands, 
negotiating endorsement and sponsorship deals increasing our clients’ profiles and financial wellbeing.

Cameron Carter-Vickers X Under Armour



Legal Advice
& Representation

Our lawyers offer a broad scope of services to support our clients with matters off the pitch. Services range from property, commercial, litigation, family law, probate,
dispute resolution and sports law.



Media Advice

We are able to assist our clients with
marketing, media training and public relations.




Personal Training

Our in house high performance coaches offer pre-season training camps. They have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that our clients return to their clubs in top shape.



Transfer Negotiation
& Club Sourcing

Our vast network and positive relationships in
the world of football, enables us to identify
and negotiate contracts with clubs best
suited to our clients needs.